Mother to serve probation after son shoots himself

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

A Detroit mother was sentenced to three years probation Tuesday morning after her 9-year-old son shot himself in the hand in March.

Police said the boy was in an upstairs bedroom of the home when he found a handgun in his mother's purse and shot himself in the right hand. At the time, Shecolby Lemay Green, 29, was on the first floor of the home with two other children. The incident took place in their home on 5500 block of the John C. Lodge Service Drive.

Green was charged with second-degree child abuse and a felony firearm violation in the incident and plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge. 

Judge Dalton Roberson sentenced Green to three years probation and lectured her on the dangers of having a loaded firearm in a home with children. 

“Mrs. Green, you are a living example of why people should not have guns in their house. And I'm not saying that just to you. I say it to myself, too. I was an assistant prosecutor, and assistant United States attorney, defense lawyer and a judge for 30-some years, and I never owned a gun,” Roberson said. 

He said the reason he never owned a gun was because a detective told him if he carried one and reached for it during an assault, he would more-than-likely be killed. 

“There's nothing that you own that's worth you giving up your life for, and you almost gave up your child's life for it. Don't go out and buy another gun, OK? Don't let these people convince you that (you need a gun). There are societies in our country that have no guns, and believe me if we had less guns we wouldn't have all the problems we have ... with children in your house, you thought it was safe in your purse, didn't you? It wasn't," Roberson said.

He followed with a statement to the courtroom saying none of his children own guns and it is not necessary to have one.