The fire at Old Shillelagh on Tuesday morning, which took just minutes to extinguish, started in the ceiling of the bar's kitchen, and is both electrical and accidental, the Detroit Fire Department said. 

Firefighters responded to an alarm at the popular Greektown Irish bar on the corner of Monroe and Brush at 5:51 a.m., said Dave Fornell, deputy commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department.

The fire started in the kitchen area on the first floor, Fornell said, but it was a "relatively minor" blaze firefighters were able to extinguish "very quickly.

By 6:40 a.m., the alarm still sounded, audible to the neighborhood through the bar's open front door, but most of the firefighters who'd responded had already left the scene.

The ruling that the fire was accidental wraps up the investigation into the incident from the fire department's perspective.

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