Detroit police are looking to identify a man shot to death Monday on Woodward Avenue in Detroit as well as three suspects they believe are connected to the shooting. 

The homicide took place about 11:50 p.m. near the State Fair Transit Center. It is the second shooting in the area in recent days. 

On Saturday, July 29, at 1:06 p.m., about a mile north, a 29-year-old man at the bus stop at Woodward and Eight Mile was confronted by an elderly man, who was angered at his use of profanity in earshot of his family. After the men exited a bus together, the older man shot the younger victim. On August 1, a 65- year-old man was arrested, and the gun allegedly used in the shooting was recovered, police said.


This time, the victim, believed to be in his late 20s, was seen talking to three men.

At some point in the conversation, one of the men, described as a black male, 6-foot-3-inches tall, wearing a white mask and a gray hoodie, pulled out the handgun and shot him in the head.

The victim's body fell into the street on Woodward, and the suspect was spotted fleeing the scene with the gun, said Dontae Freeman, social media manager for the Detroit Police Department. Medics pronounced the victim dead at the scene.

Two other men were spotted near the victim before the shooting, Freeman said. One is a black male, 5-foot-5 inches tall, wearing a black hoodie and a backwards baseball cap. The other is a black male, 5-foot-10, with a medium complexion, wearing a blue navy jacket.


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