Detroit — A Wayne State University student was robbed at gunpoint Sunday while walking on campus. Two suspects have been arrested, police say. 

According to Wayne State University police, a 22-year-old woman was walking at St. Antoine, north of East Canfield, toward where she parked her car when she realized a man was standing ahead of her and another man was walking behind her. 

The man ahead of her asked her what time it was. When the woman answered, the suspect told her to turn around. She didn't comply and that's when she felt something hard pressed into the small of her back, she told police. 

The victim also said she saw the first suspect was holding what appeared to be a pistol in his hand. The suspect said "give me your phone or I'll shoot you," police say. 

The first suspect reached into the woman's front right pocket on her jacket and stole her iPhone 7. Then the same suspect tried to take the victim's purse. The second suspect ran up and tried to help the first grab the purse, but they couldn't get it away, police say. 

The victim then ran east into the street yelling for help. Police say the woman saw both of the suspects running into the Viewpoint Village apartment complex. 

Wayne State Police did not provide any further information on the alleged incident on Monday. 

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