The Detroit Parks and Recreation Department hosts its second annual Dog Days of Summer Cool Down Pool Pawty for canines before the pool is winterized..


Detroit —The Brennan Pool, one of Detroit’s only outdoor pools, is closed for the season but before the pool is winterized, they threw a pooch swim party on Saturday.

A few dogs attended on a sunny day with the high of 66 degrees for the event in Rouge Park.

The Detroit Parks and Recreation Department hosted about five dogs during its second annual Dog Days of Summer Cool Down Pool Pawty at the Brennan Pool.

The party had two sessions planned. One in the morning for dogs 30 pounds and under and the second in the afternoon for bigger pups along with a doggie swimsuit pageant, but with few attendees, the dogs played as long as they liked.

“I don’t know why not many people showed up, we publicized it just like last year and had about 10 dogs show up even when it was raining,” said Raymell Tyler of the city recreation department. “It was a bit cold out here earlier, but its sunny now.”

Tyler said despite the low attendance, they plan on hosting the event next year the following Saturday after Labor Day.

The first attendees of the day were Juliana Fulton, 30, and John Armstrong, 34, both of Detroit, brought their dogs Knightly and Barkley.

“It was fun, we had a bit of a hard time getting them in the water, but it’s nice outside,” Fulton said. “We have Knightly in the bumblebee costume and Barkley in a little sailor outfit.”

As the only two attendees in the pageant, they won by a landslide.

Each dog owner paid a $10 entry fee, which will go to support the Detroit Dog Rescue to help with foster care, rescue, immunization and medical assistance costs.

During the event Detroit Animal Control rescued two nearby stray dogs, one with a few tumors and tons of fleas and the other a skinny wounded dog, organizers said.

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