Bachelor party dressed as Magnum, P.I. ousted from Tigers game

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
45 Magnum P.I.s and a cardboard cutout of Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. were asked to leave the Tigers game on Saturday.

Detroit — A group of men who attended a bachelor party dressed as Magnum, P.I.s were asked by security to leave the Detroit Tigers game on Saturday for catcalling. 

The 45 men dressed in Hawaiian shirts, full mustache and Detroit baseball caps mimicked the 1980s hit series for Joe Tuccini's bachelor party. 

They were asked to take their  cardboard cutout of Tom Selleck's character  and leave and had tickets revoked for catcalling, Tuccini, 42, said. 

"I'll admit we were loud and obnoxious, but saying it was catcalling was an exaggeration. No one did. We just went to the game and had a good time and took pictures with whoever wanted," Tuccini said. "All of a sudden security asked us to leave and we didn't make a big deal about it."

Comerica Park officials said there was inappropriate behavior and after multiple warnings, the group was escorted out of the ballpark. 

"Comerica Park has a guest code of conduct in place in order to provide all of our guests with a safe, comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Those failing to abide are subject to ejection and possible arrest. We want all of our guests to have a fun experience," officials said in a statement. 

Selleck, a Detroit native who played a private investigator, wore the Tigers baseball cap along with a Hawaiian shirt in the show that aired for eight seasons and won an Emmy Award in 1984 for Best Performance by an Actor in a drama TV series. 

Tuccini, of Allen Park, said they all paid to enter the game and stayed for about an hour before being asked by security to leave during the sixth inning.

"They were cool about it and were joking with us after we were outside," Tuccini said. "We just hopped back on our bus and went to Bucharest for shawarmas."

He said when they arrived, they snuck in the cutout and had it stolen once. 

"We were told we couldn’t bring it in but I held onto it. We ended up forgetting it and one of the police officers brought it back out for us and held it in the air in victory as he was part of the party," Tuccini said. "One person tried to steal it before my brother tackled him. Getting kicked out made it all the more fun."

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