Detroit — A Ford Field worker is trying to sell an Atlanta Falcons player's dreadlock he found on Ford Field after Sunday's game. 


Seller bfplce listed the single dreadlock from Falcon's defensive end Takkarist McKinley's head on eBay. McKinley quickly found out how much his hair was worth and reacted on Twitter on Friday. 

The bids reached up to $11,000 before the listing was removed by eBay for violating terms and conditions. 

The seller relisted it but wasn't too long before the listing was deleted and there has not been an update from the seller or McKinley since Saturday morning.

The description the seller posted on the relisting says: "I found a dreadlock on the field. I‘m pretty sure it's from Takkarist McKinley's scalp. Must have for Falcons fans and people who are into voodoo."

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