A neighbor who was trying to stop a dog attack fired shots that struck and killed a woman being mauled, police said.

The dog was attacking the woman in the 9000 block of Goodwin at about 6:55 p.m. when a neighbor fired a shot at the animal, “striking the victim in the back/hip area,” investigators said in a statement.

The neighbor was a “good Samaritan” and had been trying to stop the dog, police Capt. Darin Szilagy told Fox 2.

“At this time it’s a very tragic story. ... But unfortunately, we are responsible for every round we fire,” he said.

The 53-year-old woman, whose name was not released, was pronounced dead at a hospital, police said.

The neighbor, who has a CPL, was in custody late Monday, Fox 2 reported.

Authorities were searching for the animal, which is believed to have been struck by the gun, hours after the incident.

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