Police: Off-duty cop "at fault" in crash

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A car crash that also impacted a city bus was the fault of the off-duty Detroit police officer who drove one of the vehicles, police said.

The crash took place at 7 a.m.


The female off-duty officer was driving her red 2016 Dodge Charger eastbound on 7 Mile, and turned left onto northbound Woodward Avenue.

Once on Woodward, the Charger crashed into a white Dodge Durango with four occupants: a male driver, 35; girls aged 15 and 16, and a 14-year-old boy. 

The children all required medical attention afterward. They were conveyed to an area hospital, and in stable condition at last report.

After crashing into the Durango, the Charger's momentum kept it moving forward and it hit a Detroit Department of Transportation bus. 

No one on the bus required medical attention, said Officer Jennifer Moreno, a Detroit Police Department spokeswoman.

While the off-duty officer is believed to be at fault, non-traffic officers in Detroit don't write tickets to crashes they didn't witness, if those crashes aren't believed to have involved intoxicants. The department's Fatal Squad will handle the investigation and decide on citations.