Detroit — A day after a tense debate between the city’s mayoral contenders, the campaign for incumbent Mike Duggan released Thursday a new ad that focuses on the mayor’s efforts to rebuild the city.

The one-minute spot, “Beyond Basics,” is paid for by the Duggan for Detroit Committee and posted on the campaign Facebook page.

The ad features snippets of Duggan with residents in the community and programs to train ex-convicts for jobs, demolish blight and bring new companies to city neighborhoods.

“A great city delivers more than the basics, and that’s exactly what Mayor Mike Duggan will do for every neighborhood and every Detroiter,” it concludes.

Sharon Banks, a spokeswoman for the Duggan for Detroit Committee, noted the ad “is not divisive.”

“The ad speaks for itself on what we are doing, what we can do and what lies ahead working together,” Banks said.

It contrasts with a 30-second ad released on Facebook Wednesday by state Sen. Coleman Young II, which accuses Duggan of ignoring the city’s crime and poverty. Voters will decide the race on Nov. 7.

“Cries for help from Detroiters who feel trapped in crime-ridden neighborhoods has fallen on deaf ears at city hall,” said the ad by the challenger. “But only Senator Coleman A. Young has responded.”

On Thursday, Young’s campaign manager Adolph Mongo criticized the spots supporting the mayor and countered “our ads are real.”

“You could put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. He can’t keep denying that there’s two Detroits,” Mongo said. “It’s not a great time in the city. Maybe for the few that live downtown, but the rest of the city, they are hurting really bad.”

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