Report: Woman cited for sex on plane was drunk

The Detroit News

A woman who was cited along with a man for having sex on a plane last week was highly intoxicated during the activity, which they tried to hide with a blanket, according to a police report released Monday.

The woman, 48, of Simi Valley, California, had a blood-alcohol content of 0.11, said the Wayne County Airport Police report. The man 28, of Compton, California, had a level of 0.06. The legal limit to drive is 0.08.

The two, who didn’t know each other, were flying on Delta Oct. 29 from Los Angeles to Detroit, where they were catching connecting flights.

The two couldn’t be reached for comment.

The couple had oral sex next to a sleeping passenger, a witness told police, according to the report.

Another witness told police the woman wasn’t supposed to be in the seat next to the man, said the report. That was supposed to be the witness’ seat.

“Again she was in my seat on accident,” said the witness, whose name was redacted from the report.

After they were cited for disorderly conduct, and lewd and lascivious behavior, they were released by police.

Officers tried to help the woman get rebooked on her connecting flight to Nashville, but Delta security said she no longer was permitted to fly with the airline, according to the police report.

They took her to another airline, where she got a flight for the following morning. The name of the other airline wasn’t mentioned in the report.

Several witnesses saw the sex act and reported it to a flight attendant, said the report. The flight attendant told police she also witnessed the act, which the couple tried to hide with a blanket.

She asked the woman to sit up, she said. The man apologized for the incident, she told police.