Monday morning on Detroit's east side, K9 dogs and the Detroit Police Department's Bomb Squad are on the scene at a high school that was the target of a bomb threat Sunday afternoon, police said.

The threat, regarding University Prep Science and Math High School, on the 2600 block of Franklin, was brought to the attention of Detroit police at about 4 p.m. Sunday, said Jennifer Watson, a Detroit police spokeswoman. That's south of East Jefferson and east of Chene.

A female student had received a text message indicating a bomb would go off at the school on Monday, and told her mother, who called the school's principal, Watson said. The principal told the parent to call 911, which she did.

Police investigated the perimeter of the building on Sunday and returned Monday at 7:30 a.m. to give the school grounds a closer look.

The source of the text-messaged threat could not immediately be identified, Watson said.

In the early minutes after the 8:30 a.m. bell time, principal Zetia Hogan ushered students, some dawdling outside the front lobby, others across the street or down the block, inside to start the school day.

One student, who was already walking toward the door, asked Hogan: "Do I really have to go to school today?"

She indicated he did, and once he was inside, she went after the others. Inside, the athletic director and other staffers checked bags before students were allowed to pass beyond the lobby.

Hogan declined comment, but UPrep spokeswoman Rian Barnhill said that "a handful" of students had received the texted threat. Around 525 students attend the school.

"These texts were very scary," Barnhill said. "We applaud the scholars who escalated this up immediately."

A second Detroit Police Department sweep ended with a declaration all was clear. And the school day went on.

"Every minute counts when it comes to education," Barnhill said.

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