The Detroit Department of Transportation has added 20 new buses to its fleet of about 300, the transportation service announced Wednesday.

Director Dan Dirks said in a statement,that DDOT plans to add "at least 20" new buses each year, over the next five years, to make its fleet younger. 

Of the 300 or so buses DDOT owns, 240 hit the roads during peak hours. Nine routes run 24 hours.

The new buses, New Flyer XD40s, will replace more elderly buses that "will be removed from the fleet and decommissioned."

While DDOT buses have for years had security cameras inside and out front, the new buses have security cameras on the back, too. 

The new arrivals, DDOT says, will bring the age of the average bus in its fleet down to 8 years old, from 12, which it was in 2014 when Dirks was named director. Dirks said that in ideal circumstances, the age of the Detroit fleet would be 6 years old.

The decommissioning process will take place "gradually," said DDOT spokeswoman Nicole Simmons. But it should be complete in the "next few weeks."

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