United Way CEO leaves to take WSU medical post

The Detroit News

United Way CEO Herman Gray resigned Monday to take a job as chairman of the pediatrics department at the Wayne State University School of Medicine.

Gray, 67, had been with United Way since September 2015. He previously served as executive vice president for pediatrics at Detroit Medical Center, and before that had been president and CEO of DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

“While he was not actively seeking a new opportunity,” United Way said in a prepared statement, he departed to “address a need critical to the care of children in our community.”

At Wayne State, Gray will succeed Mary Lu Angelilli, the interim chairwoman since February. Angelilli had replaced an acting pediatrics chairman, Tej Mattoo, who replaced the fired Steven Lipshultz in August 2016.

Gray is a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School and holds an MBA from the University of Tennessee. Shortly after taking the United Way job, he told B.L.A.C. Detroit magazine that he had grown restless at DMC, where he was “too far removed from where the fun was taking place, where the action was, where the kids and families were.”