Malcom Maddox back on the air at WXYZ-TV

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News

WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) news anchor Malcom Maddox returned to the airwaves Friday after a 16-day leave ordered by the station following sexual harassment charges leveled against him by a Detroit pastor.  

Mike Murri, GM of WXYZ, addressed Friday the sexual harassment allegations against anchor Maddox.

WXYZ-TV (Channel 7) morning anchor Malcom Maddox returned to the airwaves Dec. 22 following a 16-day leave ordered by the station.

“A little over two weeks ago, accusations were made against employees of WXYZ-TV, including our morning anchor Malcom Maddox, and I would like to address those allegations with you, our viewers,” he said in a broadcast at about 6:30 a.m. “First, let me be clear, as general manager I take all allegations of misconduct very seriously as does our entire leadership team.”

He said as soon as the station learned of the allegations, he placed Maddox on administrative leave.

“And because these allegations accused me of covering up wrongdoing, I reached out to attorneys from our parent company to conduct an independent investigation.

After thorough investigation, it was concluded there was no basis for additional action to be taken against Malcom. It also did not find any evidence of inappropriate behavior, wrongdoing or coverup by myself or any other employee.”

Murri said Maddox will continue to anchor weekday morning news.

He also said in early 2015, Maddox was disciplined for inappropriate behavior via communications with co-workers.

“At that time, Malcom received corrective action, including a two-week, unpaid suspension, which is consistent with company procedures,” he said. “Our station is committed to vigorously pursuing any employee concerns of mistreatment. It is important we understand the facts and act promptly when appropriate.”

After, Murri’s statement, Maddox also made some remarks.

“I am far from perfect,” he said. “I have made mistakes in my personal as well as professional life.”

He said in 2015 he used poor judgment.

“I am renewing my ongoing responsibility to honor the station’s values,” Maddox said. “As I return to the anchor desk, I look forward to serving you, the people of our great city, and doing so with pride and integrity. I would also like to add, coming back to rejoin the greatest coworkers I’ve ever had.”

Co-anchor Anu Prikash thanked Maddox for his words and welcomed him back to the airwaves.