Detroit – A barricade situation resulting from a domestic violence call on the city's west side Sunday ended peacefully,  and police learned the guns they'd been threatened with weren't real.

The domestic violence call came in about 11 a.m. on the 12700 block of Terry, said Commander Elvin Barren of the Detroit Police Department, in a media briefing broadcast on Facebook. The area is north of Interstate 96 and east of Greenfield.

The 25-year-old suspect had refused to let two children, ages 2 and 5, leave, nor three other adults, including the girlfriend he lived with. Police were informed early on that the suspect had "weapons," Barren said.


When officers made contact with the the man's girlfriend, she said she hadn't called 911, slammed the door on the officers, then went back inside.

After that, the suspect appeared in a second-story window and pointed a handgun at police, warning that anyone who entered the home would be shot in the head, Barren said.

The officers were able to negotiate the release of the children and the other adults, but the suspect remained inside. Eventually, a hostage negotiator was able to persuade the suspect to surrender, which he did without incident. 

"Over the last year there's been a number of calls for disturbances, and a couple for weapons" at the home, Barren said. The couple "has a history of arguments," he said.

When SWAT officers entered the home to make the arrest they found three guns, including the one that was pointed at officers from the second-floor window. But all the guns turned out to be fake. 

"The officers, not knowing that at the time of the incident, did respond appropriately," Barren said.

In the end, no one was hurt and the suspect was arrested and will await charges at the Detroit Detention Center.

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