2 Detroit cops charged in fatal chase

The Detroit News

Two Detroit police officers have been charged in connection with a high-speed chase that ended with the death of a 19-year-old man last fall.

Stephen Heid, 26, and Ronald Cadez, 28, are each charged with will full neglect of duty, the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office said Friday.

Both officers were suspended without pay after the Oct. 9 incident, in which Jerry Bradford Jr. was killed.

At the time, Chief James Craig said Heid and Cadez allegedly violated department policy by chasing a vehicle not involved in a violent felony and failing to inform dispatchers they were engaged in a high-speed chase.

Craig said he suspended Heid and Cadez after reviewing dash-cam footage that showed they initiated the 35-second pursuit without notifying dispatchers, and then drove away after Bradford slammed his car into a tree on Maiden Street near Park Drive.

Craig said dash-cam footage showed the officers further violated policy by failing to render aid to Bradford or call for medical help after he crashed. Craig said the video shows the officers continued driving, and then circled back to the scene three minutes later, after a citizen phoned 911 to report the collision.

Cadez and Heid are expected to be arraigned at 10:30 a.m. Monday in 36th District Court.