Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s 2018 State of the City address highlighted some key achievements, plans:

»Education investment: The mayor touted the Detroit Promise, a scholarship that covers college tuition fees for graduates of the city’s school district, as well as boosting a bus “loop” connecting local charter schools, city schools and after-school programs.

» Housing: The administration intends to have every vacant/abandoned house demolished, boarded up or remodeled by 2019. Foreclosures in 2017 dropped to their lowest level since 2008. The city has boarded up 5,000 houses in the last six months, sold 3,000 vacant houses for rehabbing, razed nearly 14,000 abandoned houses, offloaded an estimated 9,000 side lots. Detroit also aims to preserve 10,000 affordable housing units and create 2,000 new ones over the next five years.

» Crime, fire reduction: Some 300 businesses have joined Project Green Light in the last two years. The city has seen a 40 percent drop in carjackings since 2015, a 30 percent decline in homicides since 2012, and 37 percent fewer fires since 2014. Officials plan to expand the Operation Ceasefire program, which has decreased shootings and other crimes, to other police precincts.

» Jobs,businesses: Lear, Microsoft, Adient and other major enterprises are moving or planning to open sites in the city. In the last four years, more than 25 companies of 100-500 jobs relocated to Detroit. Projects such as the redevelopment of the Hudson’s site have commitments to hire Detroit workers. Sites such as the Randolph Career Technical Education Center offer skilled trades training.

» Roads, transit, neighborhoods: $90 million in road improvements is scheduled this year. DDOT plans to add 300 trips in 2018. Plans will expand the Strategic Neighborhood Fund to target seven more areas across the city, add stores and renovate properties.

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