Sunshine, below-average temps issue in spring

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Spring begins Tuesday at 12:15 p.m., but winter has yet to release its grip on Southeast Michigan, as both high and low temperatures are "below average" relative this time of year.

Cathy Coleman, 62, of Detroit draws in Mariner Park in Detroit Sunday.

The average high temperature for March 20 is 47 degrees, said Jordan Dale, a National Weather Service meteorologist. But Tuesday's high will only reach the upper 30s. The morning started with lows of 26 degrees. 

"We're close to 10 degrees below average" as spring begins, Dale said. 

On Wednesday, the first full day of spring, the high will be about 40 degrees. Wednesday will be dry, as the week has been and the rest of the week will be. Overnight lows will hit the mid 20s, which is below the average low of about 30 degrees this time of year.

Thursday will reach the low 40s, and again fall to the mid-20s overnight. 

Friday's high will hit the low 40s.

Extended forecast

Wednesday: High of 40 degrees low of 26, sunny. 

Thursday: High of 44 with a low of 25 degrees, partly sunny.

Friday: High of 42 with a low of 25 degrees, mostly sunny.

Saturday: Partly sunny with a high of 41 degrees and a low of 26. 

Source: AccuWeather