The Detroit Police Department's bomb squad Thursday morning responded to the John R. King Academy, on the city's west side, after two unknown packages were found on school grounds. 

The unknown packages were spotted hours after school officials were notified —by way of a parent who was informed by their child — of an Instagram post which claimed its author would "shoot up" and blow up the school.

That came in about 9 p.m. Wednesday; in the early 8 a.m. hour, the packages were found and police arrived on scene. The school has been placed on lockdown as law enforcement investigates.

Just after 10 a.m., police determined that the packages posed no threat, said Officer Holly Lowe, a Detroit Police Department spokeswoman. Officials will also sweep the exterior and interior of the building to be certain it is secure.

A spokeswoman for the district said the district is investigating, and if the threat is proved to be real, parents will be notified via robocalls. 


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