2 hospitalized for carbon monoxide poisoning in Detroit

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

Two people were hospitalized Monday with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after using a generator at their home in southwest Detroit, fire authorities reported.

Crews were called to the 2500 block of Pearl at about 9:45 p.m. on a report that a man was having trouble breathing, said Deputy Fire Commissioner David Fornell.

Realizing a generator had been operating at the residence, the responders conducted tests and found “very high concentrations of carbon monoxide,” Fornell said.

The pair at the home, two men believed to be in their 40s and 80s, were taken to Detroit Receiving Hospital, he said. The firefighters also are being evaluated as a precaution.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long generator had been used at the residence, Fornell said.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be a concern when residents use the device during power outages. It can be deadly.

Since the substance is odorless and colorless, carbon monoxide can be “a silent killer,” Fornell said. “You don’t smell it and it builds up.”