7 Opening Day street scenes

Sarah Rahal Melody Baetens
The Detroit News
Tony Rinna, of Southgate, holds his grandson Mikah Bugeja, 2, on Opening Day.

Detroit —  On a day filled with peanuts, street drummers and beer, there are a few things Detroiters could only see on Opening Day while walking to the ballpark from Woodward Avenue. 

Cheli's loses wheels

Workers of Cheli's Chili Bar continued serving beer as they watched their precious bus hitched up on a tow truck Friday morning for parking in a no standing zone. A worker was too stressed to comment. The bar soon went from free entry to a $20 cover charge. 

Cheli's party bus gets towed outside of the bar on Opening Day.

Large beers

At Bell's Beer Oasis, the Michigan brewery presented 20-foot-tall cans of Two Hearted Ales and Oberons with cornhole and $8 regular-sized cans in Grand Circus Park. 

20-foot-tall cans of Bell's Beer in their beer oasis.

Fans in their finery

Die-hard fans of both teams showed up, many per tradition, on Friday in themed Tigers-Pirates guise.

Danny Novack Sr. and Danny Novack III from Garden City root for the pirates at Opening Day.

Opening Day runway

Game attendees used Detroit streets as their runway as they repped all of their orange and blue Tigers gear from head to toe.

Katrina Martin, 28, and John Hill, 40, both from Port Huron show off their Tiger apparel on Opening Day.

Kids have more fun

Many kids whose parents pulled them out of school for Opening Day Thursday got to miss two days since it was postponed. Olivia, 11, said she couldn't be happier to spend the days with her family and not in math class. 

DTE workers dance with a 4-year-old girl on her first Opening Day.
Luke Merdinian of Brighton smiles as he his held by his sister Kate on the carousel  at Comerica Park on Opening Day on Friday.

Police warnings

The Detroit Police Department in collaboration with Help Eliminate Auto Thefts issued warning advisories on many vehicles parked near Comerica Park. Police looked inside vehicle windows and spotted items making the vehicle vulnerable to theft. 

Warning advisories were left on cars parked near Comerica of what police saw while looking inside cars.

Labatt Zamboni 

While this is a sight also be seen during hockey games, this Labatt Blue Zamboni was seen on the streets outside Little Caesars Arena Friday. 

Labatt Blue Zamboni at the Little Caesars Arena.