A young man is in police custody Friday in connection with the shooting of a 7-year-old boy on Detroit's east side.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the 7-year-old boy will likely recover after he was struck in the neck late Thursday.

Police are investigating a shooting, which occurred around 11 p.m. in the 11000 block of Chelsea Avenue, north of Interstate 94 and east of Gratiot.

Craig said the shooter fired at least 13 rounds from an assault rifle and two of the rounds missed the target house and went into the next block, where the child was struck.

"I want to start by stating I'm angry," said Craig. "This coward was on the street over and fired 13 rounds from a high-powered rifle ... unfortunately, one struck a child. Picture this child playing in their home, where they believe to be safety."

Craig said the shooting stemmed from a love triangle and a relationship that had ended. The intended target was a house on Wilshire, which was struck several times and a vehicle was hit. The shooter was standing across the street from the boy's home on Chelsea Avenue.

Police said the boy’s mother heard multiple gunshots outside her home. Moments later, her son came down from his upstairs bedroom with a gunshot wound.

He said the department made tremendous progress in the last 24 hours and the investigation is ongoing.

"Good news, we have a person in custody and it appears the child will recover," Craig said. "How many times have I had to stand here and talk to you about some of the cowards that fired in unoccupied homes? It shouldn't happen."

He said the incident is one of many that followed a violent Easter weekend, where six were killed and 15 shot.

"Yes, the numbers are down, but is the perception of crime down? I would say it is," said Craig. "We did have a violent weekend and are putting resources to that ... In terms of most recent shootings, there has been a narcotic nexus. We haven't tied any events to gang shootings."

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