Detroit — A 3-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot in the head at a gas station on Detroit's west side, according to Detroit Police.

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The shooting occurred close to 3 p.m. at the Citgo station at Livernois and Puritan. 

Police have a suspect in custody, officials said.

Assistant Chief Arnold Williams said several shots were fired when two individuals got into an argument inside the gas station and continued outside. 

“At one point the two males started to fight one another and escalated when one of the males went to his vehicle and retrieved a fire arm and fired several shots,” said Williams. 

One individual ran and found coverage behind the vehicle of the mother and child; the shooter continued firing at the vehicle, striking the child, Williams said. 

The mother of the child had pulled in to get gas, saw the altercation and remained in the vehicle. After the shooting, the mother took the child to their home on the 1500 block of Prairie and police transported the child to Children’s Hospital. 

Police said one of the suspects was picked up in a white KIA "getaway car" which was tracked to another gas station, on Livernois near Grove, where he was placed in custody. 

A handgun was recovered at the scene. Police said they will not be releasing surveillance video while the case is under investigation. 

“Our prayers are with the family and our commitment is to have a safe environment,” Williams said. 

The shooting is the second this week of a child in the city. On Thursday, a 7-year-old was struck in the neck late Thursday in the 11000 block of Chelsea Avenue, north of Interstate 94 and east of Gratiot. The boy is expected to recover.

On Friday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the shooter fired at least 13 rounds from an assault rifle and two of the rounds missed the target house and went into the next block, where the child was struck. A suspect was in custody on Friday.

Craig said the shooting stemmed from a love triangle and a relationship that had ended. The intended target was a house on Wilshire, which was struck several times and a vehicle was hit. The shooter was standing across the street from the boy's home on Chelsea Avenue.

“We have a lot of individuals out here they have a problem with conflict resolution. They do not know how to peacefully resolve conflict,” said Williams. “At this point, they’re not hurting one another, but hurting innocent bystanders.”

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