A puppy found over the weekend in a duffel bag with her innards hanging out is recovering, said the head of the Detroit Dog Rescue.

"She's eating and doing well after surgery, which is always a good sign," said Kristina Rinaldi, the nonprofit's executive director. "She's heavily medicated and very sleepy but we're expecting a full recovery."

Rinaldi said the dog, which has been named Cardi P, was found Sunday along with two other puppies inside a blue duffel bag that had been left on the side of the road at the intersection of Seven Mile and Schoenherr on Detroit's east side.

A man who found the puppies called Detroit Dog Rescue, which picked up the dogs, Rinaldi said.

She said the dog rescue group arranged for a veterinarian to perform surgery on Cardi P within a half-hour. The surgery lasted nearly two hours, she said.

Rinaldi said the group is investigating to find out who abandoned the dogs, but there isn't any evidence it was an act of deliberate cruelty. 

She explained Cardi P's condition is likely the result of parasites many puppies have when they're born that cause dogs to feel like they have to constantly defecate. The can cause the dog's rectum to prolapse.

"When there's no preventative care, those parasites multiply," Rinaldi said.

Rinaldi said the puppy has a while to get back on her feet but should make a full recovery. She also said it will be weeks before Cardi P will be ready to be adopted.

"We have to make sure she's in good health," she said. "This is going to be a long road. She's going to be in intensive care for a while."

In the meantime, the group is seeking donations to help pay for the puppy's care. To donate to Detroit Dog Rescue, visit the group's website.

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