Detroit Dog Rescue finds St. Bernard locked in basement

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News
Bentley was found over 40 pounds underweight.

Detroit Dog Rescue found an adult St. Bernard locked in a basement of an abandoned house Friday.

Officials posted on Facebook that the dog was purposefully trapped in a basement with no stairs or means of escape. 

"It's something you see in horror movies," the post read. "... absolutely no way to get out. Alone and in the dark, he wasted away while he waited each day for rescuers."

Animal Control officers and the Detroit Land Bank responded to the scene, along with Detroit Dog Rescue. 

Bentley was found over 40 pounds underweight.

"One officer even scaled the walls down to him while another animal control officer pulled him out. It was a rescue done by true heroes," the post states.

The dog has been given the name Bentley and was found 40 pounds underweight. The rescue said Bentley, who it fears is suffering from organ failure, is being housed with the group's medical team. 

"This is a horrific case that has left us all speechless and we want to do everything we can for Bentley. If you can, please donate to"