Detroit police are commending the actions of workers at a Detroit scrapyard after they found what they thought was a missile at the site. 

The device was reported just after 9:15 a.m., said Holly Lowe, a Detroit police spokeswoman. It was found on the grounds of the Ferrous Processing & Trading Co. on on Lonyo, south of John Kronk on the city's southwest side.

In the end, the device turned out to be a “World War II-era training rocket,” said Lt. Matt Taylor of the city's bomb squad. The device was determined to not be explosive. 

The workers did the right thing, he said. 

“Don’t try to touch it or figure out what it is,” Taylor said. “Just call the police. Get help.”

Traffic was closed at Lonyo and John Kronk. In addition to the bomb squad, medics were called to be on-site, just in case.

By 11:50 a.m., the bomb squad had removed the device from the yard; most of the police had left the scene and the road was reopened to through traffic.


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