Priceline CEO: Detroit is a top destination

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Pack your bags, America. Detroit is emerging as a top travel destination. 

Brett Keller, CEO of the Priceline, said the online travel agency has seen an interesting rise in travel in Detroit and Cleveland during an interview with "CBS This Morning" on Friday

Keller, in his first network interview since he became CEO in 2016, said Detroit is a fast-growing market that many could drive to during their summer vacations. 

Detroit is a top travel destination, according to Priceline's CEO.

"This year, we've seen an interesting rise in some urban locations, specifically, in Detroit and Cleveland," Keller said during the interview. "Think they're going through a bit of a renaissance. There's a lot of interesting new culture happening, new restaurants, breweries, night scenes..."

It's not really a surprise. In November, Detroit was named the most exciting city in America by the New York Times, which Keller referenced saying, "people are certainly demonstrating that by their travel trends."

Other top emerging travel cities from Priceline included:

  1. Hot Springs, Arkansas
  2. Cleveland
  3. Durham, North Carolina
  4. Detroit 
  5. Deadwood, South Dakota

The company is celebrating its 20-year anniversary with savings. Nearly 1.5 million people visit Priceline online every day for deals on flights, hotels and rental cars, according to the company.

So welcome, travelers!

"Over the next 20 days, we're launching the biggest sale in the history of Priceline to commemorate our 20-year anniversary and our hope is to save Americans $50 million over the next 20 days," Keller said.

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