A 27-year-old Inkster man, faces 12 counts in a late-April home invasion homicide on Detroit's west side.

Mark Lockridge Jr. faces one count of felony murder, four counts of armed robbery, six counts of felony firearm, and one count of first-degree home invasion in an April 19 home invasion-turned-homicide. He is currently lodged in the Wayne County Jail. 

At 12:40 a.m. on April 19, on the 15400 block of Steel, police say two masked men burst into a home on Detroit's west side, demanded money and started shooting, leaving a 27-year-old man dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

Court records identified the victim as Dwayne Williams.

But Williams was only one of the victims present in the home, he told The News Monday, along with seven children and three other adults, including the man who was slain, his son, DeNate Lee. 

Williams says there were more than two men who broke into the home that day, and that "four or five" types of bullets were left in a wall of the home. 

Police confirm that multiple rounds and casings were found in the home. 

The men entered the home "totally ski-masked up," Williams said, and wearing similar black pants, with pockets all down the sides. 

Lockridge and Lee, Williams said, were "associates."

"Prior to this incident, I would've called them friends," Williams said, adding he had no idea why the home invasion took place.

Williams and the other adults were forced to the ground early into the break-in, he said. Lee came from upstairs with a gun, looking to defend his home, but was fatally shot.

When he heard the guns fire, Williams said he thought "they're about to kill us all," but only his son was shot.

Lee was privately conveyed to an area hospital, but died from his injuries. 


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