Scooter crash near DIA halts QLine

Neal Rubin
The Detroit News
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A scooter crash near the DIA stalled the QLine for two hours Sunday afternoon.

The driver of the scooter was in critical condition at a local hospital after hitting his head on the pavement, according to Officer Holly Lowe of the Detroit Police Department.

The driver, who has not been identified, was wearing a helmet when he fell around 2 p.m. No streetcars were involved in the accident near Woodward and Kirby, which according to an M1-Rail spokesman is the first crash involving a two-wheeled vehicle since the 6.6-mile route opened a year ago.

Woodward was closed in both directions near the DIA while evidence techs took photographs, Lowe said -- a standard procedure "whenever there's a critical incident, even if it's accidental."

Dan Lijana, communications officer for M-1 Rail, said it's not yet clear whether the scooter driver was crossing the tracks or riding parallel to them when he fell.

Lijana said he knows of one accident involving the tracks and a bicycle during construction, “but that was an entirely different situation.”

With Sunday’s incident, “I think there will likely be a look at the size of the tires that will help determine the cause,” he said.

Bicyclists have been advised to cross the tracks only at a perpendicular angle, he said, and to travel north-south in the center of the space between them, rather than to one side.

“Motorized and non-motorized,” Lijana said, all cycles “are in a similar boat in terms of precautions.”

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