A Detroit craft cocktail bar famous for their unique, handcrafted concoctions was recently named one of Esquire's top bars in America. 

Corktown's Sugar House, which opened in 2011, was named one of the "Best Bars in America" for 2018, the men's lifestyle magazine announced Wednesday. 

The list featured 21 bars, with Sugar House listed eighth and noted for its long list of fanciful drinks. 

"There is a certain undeniable divinity in a perfectly made daiquiri," Stephen Satterfield is quoted as saying in the article. "At the sweet-sour boozy intersection, the daiquiri gets the right of way. Sugar House is a place that understands this." 

In addition to its menu of 101 classics, Sugar House also features a rotating seasonal menu of original house cocktails. Recently, the establishment released its spring menu dubbed Guilty Pleasures. Seasonal drinks range from $10 to $19. 

Some of the menu highlights include:

  • Alex's Chocolate Milk, a drink made with Jagermeister, Becherova, green chartreuse, gingerbread syrup, whole egg, Calder's chocolate milk and Angostura. $14
  • Dave's Thin Mint Cookies, Cocoa Krispie-infused rum, Branca Menta, mallow-root syrup with root beer bitters. $10
  • Reggie's Cold Pizza, Salami-infused Cachaca 51, white sugar, lemon, pineapple, pizza shrub and Parmesan crisp. $15
  • Donnie Dances to "Toxic" by Britney Spears, Long Road Barrel-Aged Bartender's Blend gin, cream sherry, cucumber syrup, egg white, lime and baby arugula. $19

"But too much of a good thing is a bad thing, so when you’re ready to jump off the refined-sugar wagon and into the waters of distillation, you can continue your rum journey at a bar laden with rums worthy of sipping slowly." Satterfield wrote.

The bar, next to Slows Bar BQ on Michigan Avenue, also hosts whiskey Wednesdays and Sugarcane Sundays with unique specials.

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