A 25-year-old man tried to do the right thing on Detroit's west side Saturday night — giving a ride to a man who appeared to be injured and in need of help — and was shot in the back for his troubles, police said.

The man's shooting took place about 11:10 p.m. on the 16000 block of Snowden, which is north of Fenkell and just east of Schaefer.


The victim was driving along when he saw a man walking who appeared to be hurt. He pulled over and offered to take the man home and the man accepted the ride.

But once they arrived at the 16000 block of Snowden, the man who'd been offered the ride pulled out a gun and ordered the victim to hand over his property.

He refused, and the two men began to fight, when a second man jumped out from the bushes and shot the victim in his lower back. The victim was privately conveyed to a hospital and listed in temporary serious condition.

Police say there were also two women in the vehicle at the time of the incident. But the victim refused to identify them, and refused to offer descriptions for either suspect. 


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