Detroit — A group of demonstrators protesting the treatment of poor people in Detroit and the United States were arrested in downtown Detroit on Monday after blocking a building and the QLine.

Arrested were 23 members of the Michigan chapter of the Poor People's Campaign who were charged with blocking the streetcar and the entrance to One Campus Martius.

During the hour-long rally, 200 to 250 people holding signs and chanting marched through Campus Martius.


During the rally, the entrance to One Campus Martius was temporarily blocked and the QLINE halted service in that part of the rail line.

The Michigan chapter of the Poor People's Campaign has been holding rallies weekly leading up to a national demonstration in Washington, D.C., this week, said group leaders.

The Rev. Ed Rowe, pastor emeritus of Central United Methodist in downtown Detroit, said the members planned to be arrested to bring attention to their cause.

"Nobody's paying attention," he said. "We're seeing a crucifixion of the poor."

In Detroit, poor people in the city's neighborhoods are being ignored while city leaders focus all their attention on downtown, Rowe said.


As part of the protest, the demonstrators slapped foreclosure notices on several downtown buildings.

Instead of an economic revival. the city and country need a moral revival, and to help all the people being bypassed by the economy, said another leader, Ryan Rowe.

"This is not about the left or right," he said. "This is about right or wrong."

The 23 who were arrested will be charged with trespassing or obstruction of the QLINE, which are misdemeanors, said Elvin Barren, deputy chief of the Detroit Police Department.

He said they would be brought to the city detention center, processed and released.

He praised the protesters for being well-behaved as police furnished them with water on the hot day. 



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