MSP finds unconscious man with meth lab in van

Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News
Michigan State Police troopers found a man slumped over his sterling wheel Monday.

A man found Monday slumped over the steering wheel of van on a Detroit freeway had a portable meth lab in the vehicle with him, police said.

Michigan State Police troopers found the man at about 4:10 p.m. Monday in a blue GMC van on the northbound Lodge Freeway at Interstate 94.

Officials said the man was unconscious and police determined he had overdosed. Troopers administered Narcan, a nasal spray that reverses the effects of heroin and other drugs.

He was taken to a hospital but doctors determined he was brain dead, according to state police.

Troopers searched the vehicle and found a meth lab, they also said. Authorities removed and disposed of it.

Troopers found a portable meth lab in his vehicle.

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