Dozens of interfaith leaders led a prayer procession in downtown Detroit on Monday to protest immigration policies.

Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and Sikhs from across the area walked from Fort Street Presbyterian Church to the Patrick V. McNamara Federal Building nearby, praying, singing and chanting songs from their traditions. 

They called on authorities to stop sending children to appear before judges without adults or legal representation as well as an end to incarcerating asylum seekers and others who are neither dangers to the community or threats to national security.

“We have come to this place from many nations and we believe God has guided our steps and blessed us to live in a free and open society where we are allowed to pray and worship without fear,” a statement said.

“Therefore, we are alarmed when immigrants and refugees in our community must live in fear. Our traditions teach us to pray and ask God to intervene when government practices are at odds with our faith. Our traditions further teach us to raise our voices and witness to our leaders when government practices fall short of our values.”

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