The United Way for Southeastern Michigan is ending its long tenure in downtown Detroit and relocating to the fifth floor of the landmark Fisher Building in the New Center.

The move from the First National Building on Campus Martius should begin in February and be completed by March, according to United Way president and CEO Darienne Driver.

The new quarters will be less expensive and somewhat smaller, said United Way spokesperson Vickie Winn — 36,500 square feet, compared to the current 42,000. She  said the entire 135-person staff, including workers from the 2-1-1 call center, will make the move.

The non-profit's 10-year lease at Bedrock's First National expired in November, eight months before Driver arrived from her previous post as superintendent of Milwaukee Public Schools.

After multiple name changes and configurations since 1917, what’s now United Way  moved to Detroit in 1987. Its first home in the city was donated space in Capitol Park.





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