Detroit — A Royal Oak insurance company plans to give away 200 bicycles on Monday to children in southwest Detroit, officials said.

L.A. Insurance saw the success of their Children's Detroit Bike Giveaway earlier in the year and decided to keep giving back. The company has provided $15,000 for the 200 bikes and plans to distribute them at 1 p.m. on Monday at the Holy Redeemer Parish, at 1721 Junction Street in Detroit. 

"We are well aware that too often many children go without the trappings of childhood," said Anthony Yousif of L.A. Insurance. "Every child should have a bicycle. We hope that our L.A. Insurance Bike Giveaway will inspire others to give generously."

The bicycles will be distributed by Holy Redeemer parishioners and other volunteers.  Children will be on hand to receive and ride their bicycles home along with their parents.

"With the generous support of people like LA Insurance, children of the community will have the opportunity to experience the joy of a bike ride and allowing them to be active. May God continue to bless LA Insurance and local business in southwest Detroit." Father Dennis Walsh stated.


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