Police investigate Snapchat threat at Berkley High

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Berkley — Officials at Berkley School District have turned over information regarding a threat made to students at the high school to city authorities Tuesday morning, per a letter from Berkley High Principal Andy Meloche.

The threat was made via Snapchat, Meloche said in a statement sent to parents in the district. 

"This threat was non-specific to any person," according to Meloche, and "the student who posted the message has been removed from school" pending the outcome of the police investigation.

Jessica Stilger, spokeswoman for the district, said “the school day did not change” because of the alleged threat. No classes were cancelled and no assemblies were held.

Matt Koehn, director of public safety for Berkley, confirmed that the threat was "general" rather than targeted, and said the suspect, a 15-year-old male who has since been arrested, was "approached right away."

Koehn said police executed a search warrant but "it was a relief" that no weapons were found during the search.

"You have to take everything seriously in this climate," Koehn said. Police had a beefed-up presence at the high school Tuesday morning in response to the alleged threat, he said.

The student has not yet been arraigned, Koehn said.

Meloche's letter reads, in full:

Dear Berkley Schools Community,
This morning, we were made aware of a potential social media threat against students at the high school. This threat was posted on Snapchat and sent to us from a parent who saw a screenshot of the post. Upon receiving the message, we called Berkley Public Safety immediately. This threat was non-specific to any person. The student who posted the message has been removed from school, is being questioned by Berkley Public Safety and the incident is being investigated.
We take information like this very seriously. While Berkley Public Safety completes their investigation, we will also investigate the incident further and will enforce the District’s Student Code of Conduct and policies as necessary.
Student safety is of the utmost importance at Berkley High School and in the Berkley School District. I’d like to thank the parent who came forward and shared this Snapchat post with us.
Please take this opportunity to remind your child to notify an adult of any situation where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Andy Meloche
Berkley High School