Detroit — Six people were in custody Thursday after police investigating a Halloween quadruple shooting came upon a shootout on the same block, which led to a hostage situation that ended peacefully.

In the end, police capped two investigations: one involving the fatal shooting of a 15-year-old boy on Halloween on the 12000 block of Duchess and the arrest of three others in connection to that shooting, and the second one involving Thursday's gunfire.

 As a result of the police footwork investigating the Oct. 31 shooting, officers came upon the shootout Thursday on the same block, said Detroit police Deputy Chief Elvin Barren.

While officers were investigating the quadruple shooting, they witnessed a shootout between two groups that fled the scene, Barren said.

"The shootout started inside the home, so they all were connected in some fashion," Barren said. "They fled the location. Our officers immediately called for backup and set up a perimeter."

That's when a man barricaded himself inside a home on Duchess with 15 hostages, five of them children.

The man was identified as the main suspect in the Langholm shooting.

Police also identified three suspects in connection to the Halloween shooting. 

"They were able to come out without incident. The children are in a safe location," Barren said. "Two minors — roughly 2-3-years-old — and others 11, 9 and 10."

There were no injuries, he said. 

Search warrants were being requested to search the home for weapons that may be connected to the Halloween shooting. 

Detroit police Chief James Craig said one of the six in custody is believed to be connected to another crime unrelated to the Halloween incident. 

"Very tense moment (for officers), certainly, being an active shootout," Craig said. "As you can imagine, these kinds of scenes are very chaotic. The training and professionalism kicked in and we are here today, resolved without incident."


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