Camaro-driving, curfew-fearing teen clocked at 138 mph on I-75

Neal Rubin
The Detroit News
Emergency lights.

A 17-year-old worried about getting in trouble with his parents wound up in trouble with the law instead when Michigan State Police busted him driving 138 mph in a Chevy Camaro.

The curfew-fearing young man from Grand Blanc was spotted in the left northbound lane of I-75 by a trooper — and tried to duck off onto E. Holly Road, but was caught.


A speeding ticket for going 138 in 70 is four points, increased insurance rates and fines and costs set by the court of at least $180, MSP tweeted. The reckless driving is a 93-day misdemeanor which involves fingerprinting, mugshots and posting bond to appear in court.

The incident actually occurred Nov. 23, but wasn't revealed by the state police until a series of bemused tweets Thursday.

"SMH Award: 17 and late for curfew!" the first tweet said, using the shorthand version of "shaking my head." 

The traffic stop came at 8:45 p.m., state police said, and the vehicle traveling at nearly twice the 70 mph speed limit was an unspecified 2012 Chevrolet.

The driver was passing cars and ducking in and out of lanes "because he was late for his 9 30 P curfew," the next tweet explained. "The trooper gave the kid a break on the reckless driving charge, but he did earn a ticket for 138/70 and the SMH award."

The award does not come with a trophy, but the winner will receive a personalized court appearance.