Detroit — Detroit police have arrested a suspect after he allegedly fired shots into seven occupied homes Tuesday night on the city's northwest side. 

The Detroit Police Department's 10th precinct received a radio call of shots being fired in the 2900 block of Clairmount Street and when officers arrived, they saw the suspect leaving the location, Police Chief James Craig said.

Craig said the suspect fired six shots into the dwelling and, as he was leaving, he discarded a fully loaded AR-15 and a fully loaded Glock 22. 

Officers took the 31-year-old man into custody without incident. Craig said he has no criminal history. 

“Most troubling about this case, prior to the officer's arrival, we confirmed he had fired on seven different occupied residences last night with a possible eighth location,” Craig said.

Craig said the houses targeted were located in the 3200 block of Hazelwood and the 3200 block of Pingree, where multiple shell casings were found by officers. 

Craig said the man is connected to multiple shootings in the city dating back to July.

"This could have been a very troubling case. We understand the impact that has had on that community, but the good news is the suspect we’ve taken into custody we believe is the same suspect that started his shooting spree going back to July," he said.

"We’re still trying to determine the why and fortunately, no one was hurt in these attacks."

Craig said he could not confirm the mental health status of the suspect or if he’s cooperating with authorities. 

While police were in the process of executing a search warrant at a residence connected to the case, they came across potentially hazardous material and contacted hazmat teams and the bomb squad. 

"Right now we’re in the process of executing a search warrant and during that execution, we came across a substance that could be a hazardous material so we are taking every precaution."
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