Forecast: White Christmas unlikely this year

Shawn D. Lewis
The Detroit News
Large ornaments are on display at Beacon Park.

Christmas just may be a bust in the snow department this year.

The National Weather Service in White Lake Township, predicts mostly cloudy skies, a bit of rain, but unless a major low pressure system sweeps through, forget about snow.

"At least waking up to a white Christmas is unlikely," said Trent Frey, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in White Lake Township. Trying to soften the blow, he added, "But there is a chance for snow showers in the afternoon."

So how is Santa supposed to maneuver all those rambunctious reindeer through dry ground to make all those deliveries?

"I'm sure Santa's got ways to make the sleigh work without snow," Frey reassured. 

Last year, he said, there was a trace of snow leading up to Dec. 23. On Christmas Eve last year, there was a whopping 4.4 inches of snow, and on Christmas day, there was an inch of snow. 

"The snow came as a low pressure system brought it in, but that's not going to happen this year," he said. "A weaker system may be able to move through, but at this point, it's not looking like it."

Temperatures will hover in the 30s and  40s in the coming days..

The high Wednesday is expected to be 44, mostly sunny with no precipitation. The low will be around 34.

Thursday, the high should be around 43 with a low of 36. There will be a 30 percent chance of rain after 2 p.m. There's a better chance of rain Thursday night into Friday.

Here's where a bit of snow may make an appearance.

"On Friday, once the rain moves out, there's a chance for snow on the back end of that," said Frey.

Saturday will be partly sunny with a high of 35. Saturday night into Sunday will be mostly cloudy with a low around 28. Sunday will be mostly cloudy with a high of 37, and Sunday night, still mostly cloudy with a low of 27. 

Monday will be mostly cloudy with a  high of 35 and a low of around 26.

Frey said last year on Dec. 19, the high was 48 degrees, which was a couple of degrees above average. Average for this time of year is 35 degrees.