Detroit — Police are searching for four men accused of  cracking open and stealing from an ATM late Saturday night at a Project Green Light gas station on Detroit's west side.

The larceny took place about 9:50 p.m. at a Marathon gas station on the 18700 block of Grand River, west of Evergreen.

Police say that four men entered the store. Two of them distracted the 50-year-old clerk at the counter, while two other cracked the ATM and took money from it, before leaving the gas station in a black Dodge Charger.

On Sunday morning at the gas station, a customer approached clerk Sam Salman and asked: “Hey, bro, what’s up with the ATM?”

The ATM is off-line, still left in the condition it was after theft. 

Salman said he wasn’t there when it happened, but gave the same account of the incident police did: Two men distracted the clerk up front, two others cracking the machine open and stealing its contents.

Salman said that from what he heard, the entire operation took “two-and-a-half minutes.”

The gas station is part of Project Green Light, a public safety effort in which high-definition cameras transmit to Detroit police headquarters. Green Light businesses are given priority when they make 911 calls, and officers give Green Light affiliates “special attention,” — regular visits, during their shifts. A number of Project Green Light signs are posted on the building of the gas station.

"You wouldn't think someone would do this at a Green Light (business)," Salman said.


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