Detroit —Would-be robbers used a Dodge pickup truck as a battering ram on a W. Eight Mile business on Sunday in an attempt to smash a hole in the outer wall of the store, Detroit police said.

The white Dodge Ram succeeded in damaging the wall of the business on 20100 block of West Eight Mile around 7 a.m. But the suspects failed to rob the store after  an employee inside the building fired shots in the direction of the suspects, who fled the scene empty handed, police said in a statement Monday evening. 


The suspects failed to rob the store after an employee inside the building fired shots in their direction, police said. The Detroit News

Police didn't release the type of business or its name.

A white SUV was also allegedly involved.  Police say two men dressed all in black and their faces covered by ski masks got out of the SUV and approached the building on foot. One served as a lookout. while the other cased the premises. 

The driver of the Ram then backed into the building, damaging the window and making an entrance hole. Police released a short clip  from the surveillance camera of the white Ram backing up over a curb and sidewalk in order to slam into the wall.

The driver was preparing for a second attempt when an employee inside the business fired shots,police said. It's unknown if any of the suspects were injured. The men and two vehicles sped away, police said. 

Anyone with information should contact the Detroit Police Department’s Eighth Precinct Investigative Unit at (313) 596-5800 or CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-SPEAK- UP.

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