Warren — A Detroit police officer was arrested and placed in Warren police custody Wednesday night for disorderly conduct and carrying a weapon while intoxicated, Detroit police said. 

Warren police responded to a call on assault and a disorderly person at the Alibi Bar, 7266 E. Nine Mile. 

When they arrived, they determined the person involved was a Detroit police officer, who was placed under arrest and given a breath test for alcohol. 

The officers notified the Detroit Police Department's internal affairs unit. 

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said the officer is on administrative leave while the department conducts an internal investigation. 

"Another troubling, disappointing incident involving a Detroit police officer," Craig said. "Enough is enough. This officer is held to a higher standard. You can’t go out and consume the amount of alcohol that the investigation is showing armed with a gun. 

"We have already started an internal investigation and he’s going to be held accountable for his criminal behavior outside the department, in this case in Warren," he said. 

No one was hurt in the incident.
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