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The Detroit man accused of shooting a Detroit police officer to death last year was sentenced Wednesday to 36-60 years in prison.

Decharlos Brooks made a tearful apology in Wayne County Circuit Court to the family of Officer Glenn Doss, 25, who was shot to death Jan. 24, 2018, as Doss and another officer made their way to a domestic call in the 5500 block of McDougall near Kirby Street on Detroit’s east side. 

Authorities alleged Brooks shot Doss in the chest and head; the officer died four days later from his wounds.

 Brooks told the Doss family, "I'm not a monster" and said he had a "mental breakdown that day."

"God knows I would never intentionally bring harm to anyone," Brooks said, reading from a note with tears in his eyes. "I don't have a history of violence."

His mother, Ruth Brooks, also said her son had a "mental break" that day and called him "a good person" who had never done anything bad to anyone.

Doss, 25, had been on the police force for three years and followed his father into the department.

Officer Glenn Doss Sr., a 19-year veteran of the Detroit police force, was among three family members who spoke at the sentencing, saying his son "fell in love with being a police officer." 

"My son was a great young man and a hero. He never gave me any problems and it  an honor to be his dad," Glenn Doss Dr. said. "He was smart and he was humble. He was kind. He was loving. He was respectful. He always had a smile that would light up the room."

Brooks pleaded guilty last month to second-degree murder and felony firearm, days before his trial was to begin on charges that included first-degree murder and murder of a police officer. He was sentenced by Judge Bruce Morrow.

Nikole Flowers, the mother of the fallen officer, said she wished Brooks could have received the death penalty for killing her son.

"Our family has been devastated. We lost our sweet boy," said Flowers. "This person callously took his life without a single thought."

Michelle Crouse read a letter from her daughter Emily, Doss' fiancee, saying her daughter could not bear to face the man who killed the father of the couple's toddler-aged son.

"I wish I were brave enough to face you today," the letter read. "Our son will have no memory of his father. (Brooks) took so much from us ... more than can be replaced. I'll have to guide (Doss' young son) toward forgiveness and away from hate as I struggle to do the same."

Doss' grandmother Beretha Bradley told Brooks that she forgives him because holding hatred in her heart for him will not bring her oldest grandchild back.

"I have a heart to forgive you for the wrongdoing that you have done," said Bradley. "I pray for you and for this family."

Brooks will receive 402 days' credit for time served, which goes toward a mandatory two-year consecutive prison term for the weapons conviction.

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