Detroit — A nonprofit organization on Detroit's east side was robbed three times in a six-day period over the last week, the group announced Monday.

The nonprofit targeted is RecoveryPark, which describes itself in a statement as being "committed to creating jobs for people with barriers to employment." Two of the three break-ins took place in its parking lot; the other at its "soil-based farming operation."

Losses are well into the five figures, including some "$25,000 worth of lawn maintenance equipment and personal tools," the organization said.

Gary Wozniak, president and CEO of RecoveryPark, said in a statement that "while we are in the process of reviewing security footage, working with local law enforcement and communicating with neighbors, we must still honor our agreement with the city to mow and maintain these lots. We are reaching out to our community for some emergency support funds to do so."

According to its website, RecoveryPark has agreed to maintain 105 acres for the city of Detroit, as well as growing "specialty produce for local chefs and restaurants."

"Veterans, returning citizens, challenged workers, those in recovery and other marginalized citizens struggle daily for the ability to care for themselves and their families," a page of its website reads. "They deserve opportunities to work a meaningful job, earn a decent wage, own their own business and restore personal dignity."

The equipment stolen, which includes tools brought in by volunteers, were used to further those missions.

An October 2015 press release from the city of Detroit announced "an agreement to transform a blighted 22-block area on the city’s lower east side into center of urban agriculture and hope for ex-offenders, recovering addicts and others with significant barriers to employment."

This would cover a "60-acre footprint' bounded by Interstate 94 to the north, Chene to the east, St. Aubin to the west, and Forest to the south.

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