Fox 2's Roop Raj responds to critic: 'This country looks like you AND me'

The Detroit News
Roop Raj's response has gained more than 1,800 likes.

A Fox News anchor is earning praise for his response to a social media user who questioned where he "came from."

On Thursday, Roop Raj, who grew up in Troy and whose parents emigrated from India in the 1970s, had written on Twitter about a story on how small businesses are preparing for tariffs to start.

In reply, a Twitter use wrote: "Raj, i wish you understand why the tariffs will be in place. I'm not sure where you came from. But USA wants fair trade do some homework then report." 

Raj initially replied he was from Troy. In a follow-up message that he posted on Twitter and Facebook, he elaborated on what he called the user's "ignorance."

"I was born and raised in America and love this country as much as someone who might not look like me," he wrote.

Raj said his parents left India "by invitation ... at a time when there was a lack of engineers in America. Their families were doing well in India. They happily became citizens here, instead."

The post went on to mention Raj, who has also worked in Flint and New Orleans, was happy to return to the area in 2009.

"The people of this community are our pride. We are American. So are you," Raj wrote. "So let's stop the idiocy around who's been here longer. Please."

He also wrote: "This country looks like you AND me. Here's to better days."

Raj's message has gained more than 1,800 "likes" on Twitter and many supportive comments.

One came from Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, who tweeted:  "I miss living in a country where people felt ashamed to express such abhorrent sentiments. Stand strong, Roop!" 

On Raj's Facebook page, a user wrote: "Beautifully, accurately expressed, Roop! Proud to be just an “American”."