2nd Detroit-area trial starts in lawsuit over bogus epilepsy

The Associated Press

Detroit – Jurors are hearing opening statements in the second trial of a Detroit-area doctor who is accused of intentionally misreading tests to come up with epilepsy diagnoses in children.

Dr. Yasser Awaad

Lawyers for Claire Linzell say she was one of 250 children whose EEG results were wrong. Dr. Yasser Awaad worked at Oakwood Hospital, which now is part of Beaumont Health.

Linzell was 4 years old when she was referred to Awaad in 2005. He said he had discovered abnormal brain activity during electroencephalograms. She was treated with an anti-seizure medication.

Brian McKeen says the four tests were a “frightening experience” for the girl, and the medicine made her anxious and impaired her learning.

But Awaad’s attorney, Harry Sherbrook, says it’s “outrageous” to accuse the doctor of intentional bad acts. Opening statements started Tuesday and will resume Wednesday.

A jury awarded $3 million to another former patient after a June trial, but the amount was reduced by a judge to $846,000.