Big Sean’s foundation helps tackle student homelessness

Associated Press

Detroit – Rapper Big Sean’s philanthropic foundation continues to support a program created to deal with student homelessness at Detroit’s Wayne State University.

Sean Anderson, known as Big Sean, listens to questions from the media inside the Sean Anderson Foundation Production Studio at the Dauch Boys and Girls Club, Saturday, Aug. 17, 2019 in Detroit.  (Jose Juarez/Special to Detroit News)

The school recently announced a gift of $10,000 from Sean Anderson Foundation to the HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program. The foundation created a $25,000 endowment for the program in 2016 and followed with financial gifts in 2017 and last year.

The HIGH Program, created in 2013, provides short-term help to students in need to provide some stability and help them complete their degree.

Big Sean , a Detroit native, formed the foundation in 2012 to help improve the quality of life for young people and their families.